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Verizon Wireless wants to sell your personally identifiable data: here’s how you can stop this

One more reason I will probably drop Verizon in a few months, when my contract is up. Verizon is now requiring it’s customers to » Opt Out in order to have your personal data not be sold! They claim that … Continue reading

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On the road again…..

My friend Andy has decided to move up to Portland. Can’t say that I understand why. It rains there, the sun doesn’t come out, and they still have earthquakes. Oh, and the occasional volcano near by. Not to mention, no … Continue reading

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Hopefully the planes will fly on time

There are a few good reasons to hate to fly. Bumpiness, airsickness, crying babies. Planes not arriving on time, that sort of thing. Now though, the  US demands air passengers ask its permission to fly. Under the new proposal, the … Continue reading

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