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Dodger game for September?

Anybody interested in going to the Dodger game on Satruday Septemeber 10th? It’s a 1:10pm game. Ben will be in town, and wanted to take Caltech Girl and her husband to the Dodger game. Sandro will probably be in as … Continue reading

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A song to summon anvils with

My neighbors are playing mariachi music loud, for a birthday party. They have a nice jumping pen, the type that requires a small air blower/compressor. A few minutes ago, two of them came over and polietly asked if they could … Continue reading

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warbonnetwillie’s Xanga Site – 8/5/2005 3:23:21 AM

Andy has posted one of his pictures from the Catalina trip last weekend….. check it out and say hello!

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David Rosenkrantz’s Hike Photos

My friend David did a backpacking tripin the Sierra’s last week, and I thought you would enjoy seeing some of his photos. When a fulller link gets up, I’ll give him more free advertising.

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Back from Bay Area

I’m back, safe and sound from the bay area. Pictures to come soon….. Apparently, our visit to SBC Park gave the San Francisco Giants their

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another early day

Started at 5am again…. But Jack didn’t show till 6:06am! dagnabit….. We didnt’ solve the problem either, so it’s off to tomorrow morning. Again. Work is letting go early tomorrow, at 3pm! So, if I’m in at 5, I’m certainly … Continue reading

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Andy’s Train Ride

My buddy Andy did a kick ass train ride last week, from Denver to Salt Lake City, along the I-70 corridor. My one time through that stretch, I wish I had more time to enjoy it, so i shall look … Continue reading

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Grad work over with?

I just wanted to give props to Cal Tech Girl, who should now have finished her thesis defense. Good job, and good luck with everything! Oh yes, she likes everyone to know that she is number one on the “You … Continue reading

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Andy’s Blog

Hey Andy, bud! Why did you tell me long ago that you had a blog! I would of linked to you much earlier, and read up on you more.

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Dodgers Welcome Something Awful Goons

The Dodgers lost to *Anaheim* but we did get a picture This made my night, and hopefully this past week.

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