What happens when warranties expire?

That’s right, things break.


Before the June 2006 raft trip, I bought an HD Camcorder, along with what turns out was a 2 year warranty from Fry’s. I know have someone who wants to buy it for about 60% of original cost, and guess what? The MiniDV cassette door will retract! I get an error C:32:11, which is Sony code for Error with the Eject Mechanism. After putzing around and calling various Fry’s, I found out I got it from the Anaheim store, but the warranty is expired. Great. So now I can try to do this through Sony, and pay an good 3 to 500 dollars to fix it (based on similar internet experience), or just say forget it. These things occasionally fix themselves, particularly if it’s a software bug. It was suggested by users of a different Sony model to pull out the battery that holds the settings ( like a hearing aid battery), but I can’t find it on this model (HDR-HC3)


Argh. I’ve wiped things down with ISO-Propel Alcohol, but…. I’m not sure at this point.

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