Software annoyancs

Nothing too important, but I wanted to vent a touch about certain software annoyances that have impacted me lately.

WordPress Blog software and Safari: Why can’t these two applications play nice in the Post writing dialog box? Safari keeps removing paragarph marks, condenses images and completely destroys formating. The main use of Firefox for me is getting posts to look right.

 Coppperexport: Great potential tool for uploading straight to my Gallery, but half the time it hangs on uploads. I’m not sure if it’s a resizing issue, or a Raw to Jpeg conversion issue, but I can’t seem to find any consistency in the bug, aside from not uploading half the time. Alternatively, it could be in the Coppermine Gallery software itself, not connecting properly, but it’s annoying. I could use a Facebook, Flickr or Picassa plugin and software, but there is something nice about hosting the images on my site, and not anywhere else.

oh, it’s lunch time now… I’ll finish this list later.  I might get distracted, and take 5 days to come back to it!

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2 Responses to Software annoyancs

  1. ZZamboni says:

    Hi – I am the author of Copperexport. I have received reports of this problem before, but also without being able to reproduce it. It would help if you look in the Console output (Console is in /Applications/Utilities/) and see if there are any errors (or any messages) produced by Copperexport when the hang occurs. Thanks!

  2. Bill says:

    For the record, I’ve emailed ZZamobi the Console output log regarding iPhoto and his plugin CopperExport. I hope he’s able to resolve the issue, because it has wonderful potential.

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