Mitchell Report

Baseball the past few years has been tainted by the rumor and innuendo of steroid use among it’s top players. Some, like Barry Bonds, have been easy targets because they have been unlikable people, particularly to the fans of opposing teams. The fan favorites have been mostly ignored in the debate over steroid use, and who knew what and when. A surprise then, when the Mitchell Report partially leaked early, with Roger Clemmons being one of the first names listed. I have not read all 311 pages, nor the appendixes. I found 57 references to “Dodgers”, and I’ve been told that several Dodger players show up, including Eric Gagne, Kevin Brown and Paul Lo Duca. While the list contains many players, it certainly is not a complete list of all players who used steroids or other performance enhancing drugs. Still, it’s important to remember that this has not been a trial, and they are innocent until proven guilty. It will be difficult though, not to boo those still active, in a ball game next year, nor to wonder loudly when they have a home run. I’m not too pleased by even considering that.  

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