On the road again…..

My friend Andy has decided to move up to Portland. Can’t say that I understand why. It rains there, the sun doesn’t come out, and they still have earthquakes. Oh, and the occasional volcano near by. Not to mention, no major league baseball team(They do have a AAA team though). Still, I am going to be a nice guy, and help him move up there. I’ll load the big stuff in my truck, covered with a tarp; and the smaller, less weather resistant items will be in his truck, under his turtle shell.

Hopefully, we’ll be on the road by noon tomorrow, and into Portland by noon on Sunday. After that, I’m going to head even further north, and visit family up around Puget Sound on Sunday night, then drop back down into Oregon for a visit with family there on Monday night. I’m hoping I can even visit one customer or supplier up there, and try to call it a business trip! Any which way, I should be back in town Tuesday night, or at worst, mid day on Wednesday. 

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  1. bill says:

    We are in Yreka having lunch. I’m on Andy’s iPhone, which isbad for blogging

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