College Football upsets

I don’t usually write anything about college football, since I went to a school that had some pretty bad flag football players. However, for the sake of family rivalries, I will note that Stanford beat USC by 1 point. Underdogs by 40 points before the game started, they were able to pull off a victory.  That leaves Cal probably ranked above USC on Monday morning, which would make phone calls and fight songs all the more interesting.   

It is very funny though, that the first USC game not on free broadcast TV is their first home loss in 35 games.   

Here is the winning team’s mascot:
Stanford Tree

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6 Responses to College Football upsets

  1. Boo ya!

    Although your dad is possibly distraught over this loss, I’m sure that his sister is enjoying a good laugh over it.

  2. Helen says:

    When I heard about the loss, I laughed. I’ve also laughed at the Stanford “tree” several times over the years. I have video of the Fantom pretending to pee on it.

  3. caltechgirl says:

    I have some good pictures of the current incarnation of the tree from yesterday’s game. That tree looks professional compared to yesterday’s mess.

  4. Naeem says:

    I would like to thank Stanford’s football team for knocking USC out of the #2 spot. Because Cal now occupies it. Go Bears!!!

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