Catalina for Labor Day

It’d had been a full year since I’d been to Catalina. Labor Day to Labor Day. After getting a late start, and buying a new battery for the boat, we had a very calm and pleasant boat ride over. Here are some pictures! My father
My father
Divebombing pelican
The pelicans were out in force, flying around, then swooping down to pick up some fish.
Ed waterskiingMy brother water skiing at CatalinaEd waterskiingMy brother water skiing at Catalina

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2 Responses to Catalina for Labor Day

  1. Did you take the 117? Looks nice, whatever you took.

  2. Bill says:

    Yep, the Say When, Blue Boat or 117, depending how you figure things. Kinda hard to get a shot of the boat from inside though.

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