This past weekend, I went up to Mammoth. I decided to drive easy, and see how much I could milk my truck’s milage. From Mojave where I fueled, I got 18.8 mpg to Bishop ( about 180 miles), and 17.5 mpg to Mammoth Mountain. Including a little bit of driving around town, I set back on the road again with a 20 mph headwind. I was down to 16.5 mpg in Olancha, and figured I would just barely run out of gas around Mojave. Not wanting to risk anything, I fueled in Olancha.  Being curious, I figured that I could of made the whole trip, Mojave to Mojave, even with the headwind, with about 2 gallons of gas to spare. Not a lot of wiggle room if I got caught in traffic outside of Mojave, which I’ve seen! But it’s good to know I could of done that if need be.

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