Dee Plane Boss, Dee Plane!

Airbus landed their new A380 at LAX yesterday, with gray cloudy skies and almost no passengers, about 15 minutes after a full plane landed in New York.

I was able to take a few minutes off of work, and stand on the roof, trying to shoot some photos

First, here’s a United 747 for comparison

United 747

Then the Airbus came into view

Airbus A380

About the same size, it doesn’t seem that much larger than the 747 to me. Both pictures are scaled about the same, and the planes were on the same flight path, but of course could of been in different locations at the time of the picture.

The plane was quiet though, much quieter than other Boeing or Airbus planes overhead. I got lucky with the photos, as the planes on the flight path right above me were covered by the clouds, but the flight path to the north was partially visible. Nothing really stellar, as I need a lens longer than 200 mm and a brighter, bluer sky day to pull off some of these shots. For the record, I was about 15 miles from LAX where I shot these photos.

Other images:



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