No-Contact Jacket

Someone had to go and do it. Straight out of a movie or a comic book, it’s the No-Contact Jacket. Designed to provide 80,000 volts straight to an attacker, the jacket is designed as a protective measure for women. Feel insecure, or just want some bus space? Zap the guy brushing up against you, and he’ll be having a seizure on the floor!

Sure, there are plenty more legitimate uses, self defense in case of an actual attack or something. But this is really something that was seen in a recent Batman movie, and has certainly been a dream of fiction writers and would be super hero vigilantes for a long time. Now if only it was bulletproof, then you could say “I am Batman!”

Ok, while the videos they have there don’t exactly show an attacker grasping his hands in pain, it does seem like enough to be more than a nuisance. Nice shocking noise though, I really hope that wasn’t dubbed in afterwards.

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  1. Helen says:

    Oh yeah, and when a friend tries to surprise me one day by jumping up and grabbing me, I end up sending them to the ground, convulsing in pain. Works for me, lol.

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