Decorate my apartment!

I need some help. I bought a large picture screen divider, though I got it much cheaper at Aaron Brothers. It can hold 15 8x10s, in a portrait form. Now, I just need to fill it!

I’ve gone through my 14,000 photo collection, and picked out 121 (how did I get that number? Just what looked good to me on browsing, and would crop right). I’d like you, my few readers, to go through my collection, and rate the photos you like. If you click on each picture, there is a rating system at the bottom. Just assign it 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 stars, and we’re set. At the end of a period of time, say the end of February (subject to change of course), I’ll get the top 15 pictures, and have them in that picture screen.

Marble Canyon Evil Coke Bottle

Vote as often as you like, but I ask you not to repeat your vote on the same picture. Feel free to pass the link around to your friends and people, and if you see a photo on my site, that isn’t in here, or a different one you know I have, post a message here, and I’ll see about adding it in!

Sadly, the pictures are organized in alphabetical numeric order, not by date. I don’t claim to have shot every single picture (particularly the ones I am in), but I shot most of them. So go on, and let me know what you think!

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