Parade Season

Crud, this has been in my to do list for a while, but here it is. For some reason, some of the picture links aren’t working, but I’ll try to figure it out soon.

Starting in December, many local cities have their Christmas Parades.

The first Sunday of Decmeber is usually the Downey Christmas Parade, which has many people in it. These fine members of Boy Scout Troop 441 performed as color guards. Behind them is Cub Pack 805, Boy Scout Troop 979, and the remainder of Troop 441. Following them, are the members of the Old River Men’s Club, the sponsoring organization of 441 and 805

All the Scouts together!

The following weekend, is the South Gate Christmas Parde, which my parents were in:

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  1. Beth says:

    Sweet! I like local parades, best when I know participants. It’s sad how impersonal so many have become for me, but I guess that’s more my withdrawal than theirs.

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