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I haven’t been posting very much for a variety of reasons. Been busy, lost a bit of interest, the usual. Still, there are a few things I needed to come back and post about.

December means Christmas parades, and since my dad sits on the city council, he gets to be in it. Years ago, we’d pull out a fire truck, and drive at 3 miles per hour down the parade route. However, in the past few years we haven’t done the work necessary to bring out a red fire truck for a few miles. Things don’t like it when they only run once a year and all. So this year, my parents rode in one of the donated vehicles

Also, up in Mammoth, the new roof over the deck seems to be holding up well

The snow on the deck seems to be wind blown, so hopefully this will hold up with a heavier snow load.

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2 Responses to Miscellaneous tidbits

  1. Nice to see you all (in this and the previous post) looking well and looking like you had happy holidays. As always, give our family’s best to your family (you can let your mom know about the picture of the hat that she gave 3B over on my blog, if she hasn’t seen it already) . . . and when’s that hot tub going to be ready for our visit?

  2. Bill says:

    The hot tub… next summer at this point. Too much snow around the house to get a hot tub up right now.

    And the city has some funky rules we need to look at too, grounded electrical boxes, tempered glass and so on

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