South Gate’s former treasurer gets 10 years – Los Angeles Times

Albert Robles has been sentenced to prison! This afternoon, a judge announced Robles’ sentence for stealing 12 million dollars from the city of South Gate: 10 years in prison, and paying back $600,000.

I’m just glad this whole affair is wrapping up. At least for the most part. There’s still the deal with Robles’ cronies in the city of Vernon, and many other small things. But this is a great day to celebrate!


The LA Times has posted an updated, much more in depth article. Worth a read, but don’t be confused, I’m not quoted in that article at all.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the article:

“There are different levels of hoodwinking, but I didn’t think hoodwinking was a crime,” Robles said. “During that period I decided not to be a very good man every day. But I did not decide to be a criminal.”

But Judge Stephen V. Wilson said he found the man who once boasted of being “the King of South Gate” to be a “puppet master” who controlled a corrupt enterprise that preyed on the city’s coffers and residents.

Wilson seemed incredulous at Robles’ defense. When Robles’ attorney argued that what the ex-treasurer did was business as usual in California politics, the judge responded that “what you have just said is among the most absurd things I have ever heard.”

And then this one, about what happens when you go to a masseuse:

But once he took the podium Tuesday to address the judge, the baby-faced Robles displayed his panache with words.

He made references to discussing city business with associates in steam rooms, where sexual activities occurred “because that’s what happens at the masseuse.”

And with moist eyes, he turned and apologized to a woman in the gallery for having told her husband he was fired, and for having called her an expletive — using the expletive.

This is a really confusing one:

“I was immoral, your honor,” Robles said, “but my conduct was not illegal.”

But the judge remained skeptical, and perplexed by Robles’ defense. At one point, he asked Robles whether he was admitting to having committed a crime, just not the ones he was charged with.

“Yes, your honor,” Robles responded, apologizing for his behavior, but not for having done anything illegal.

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  1. Beth says:

    Good grief! The man is clearly delusional, not accepting his own role as defined by the courts. I wonder what exactly his definitions of immoral and criminal are.

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