Old news

Last September, my brother and I went back east to visit some of our cousins. I’ve waited almost 2 whole months to post pictures, and that’s just impolite of me

On our first day out there, we visited Baltimore, and saw Fort McHenry

Fort McHenry for the Visually Impaired

The day after that, our cousin Kathrine took us around Washington DC, and then to a Nationals game

We stopped off at the Washington Monument

Washington Monument

Lincoln Monument

The Lincoln Monument was busy, so Mr. Lincoln was unable to answer any questions.

Jefferson Monument

We tried to ask Mr. Jefferson some questions, but he didn’t answer us either.

RFK Stadium

RFK Stadium was nice. They gave out free blankets at the game. Very small crowd, and the Nationals didn’t do too well either, but it was a fun enough place.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I’ll post more about the following days, including our trip to Gettysburg!

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