Cardinals win the World Series

It’s an improbable win for the Cardinals, winning the World Series in 5 games. After falling apart so amazingly to end the season, they came back and won. They ended the regular season with 83 wins, and have become the team to win the World Series with the fewest regular season wins. I’m pretty surprised actually. The Tigers had homefield advantage (after the AL won the All Star Game), and an amazing run all summer long.

I’m completely blown away by Jeff Weaver though. He had a horrible first half of a season with the Angels, then got dumped big time. Picked up by the Cardinals, and he’s amazing. It gave some credence to the idea that the AL is harder than the NL. But….

Oh well, at least the Cardinals are owned by Bill De Witt. No relation to me, but he’s a big competitor for me in a google search.

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