One more in a small series of tragedies

I was down in San Diego today for a conference. Went well. We’re over and done with, and we’re heading out. I stop in to use the restroom. I come out. I realize my cell phone is missing.

I had it just 30 minutes before, when I checked my voice mail. It has to be somewhere in the hotel. I spend half an hour looking. I can’t find it. I try calling it, to hear it ring. Nothing ( I had it on vibrate so not to disturb everyone else at the conference).

I’ve given it several text messages and left voice mail, hoping that someone will notice the constant vibration, and read the text message asking them to call me at home. So far, nothing.

Tomorrow morning, I go into verizon and get a new phone. I stopped by there tonight, but they were completely full. As I am under contract right now (for another year), to replace this phone I have to pay full price. They don’t have the same model any more, and none of the current ones look that stable and abuse friendly. Any suggestions? Should I stay with a flip phone, should I make the switch to a blackberry or trio style phone? Real email from the phone has some draw for me, I admit, but I don’t know if it’s worth 500 for the phone, and an increased monthly bill.

So, any thoughts?

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5 Responses to One more in a small series of tragedies

  1. Bob says:

    the only thoughts I have are unrelated to the topic. This is the first piece of writing that I’ve noticed juxtaposed usage of the historical present (“I spend half an hour… I can’t find it… I try calling) and the present/future (“tomorrow morning, I go”).

    good show!

  2. caltechgirl says:

    Crap, dude.

    I don’t know about Verizon Phones, but J managed to get one from sprint that was super-heavy duty, covered with plastic bumpers, etc. It’s by samsung, I think, but I don’t know the model. I’m sure verizon will have something like it.

  3. Bill says:

    Well, it’s done. I got myself a new phone. LG 8300. They didn’t have the Motorola V815 I had, which worked excellently for me.

    This is very similar, also a flip phone. It has Bluetooth, so I should be able to import all my information from my computer. Verizon says none of their phones work with Bluetooth, aside from headsets, however, my V815 was able to talk to my Mac in about 30 seconds of me trying.

    This LG though, took longer. Apple’s iSync software does not support LG (it does support Motorola, Samsung, Sony/Erikson and Nokia in certain models). I could manually drag and drop individual address cards onto the phone, but the formating sucked. I found a beta software that does support the LG phones, but I had to do an intermidate step of importing all my address cards, then exporting to the phone. Took me a while to set it up, as it’s auto find feature misidentified my phone’s model number. Once I got that fixed, I was very easily able to drop my phone list onto the new phone. Supposedly this will also do calendars and background pictures, but I’m not too worried about that yet.

    My biggest complaint so far (aside from me loosing the phone in the first place), is that now my pone does not work with my mom or brother’s cell phone car charger, which means we have to carry another set of wires around when we travel. As issues go, that is pretty minor though.

  4. Helen says:

    Did I just lose my whole comment because I didn’t add the #’s? That would suck.

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