Mail Call!

So I come home today, and I see a jury duty summons. I think, gee, my first jury duty summons (I know, strange. But it is my first.)
Gee, knowing that I have a two week vacation planned for the end of June, when could the summons be for? What’s that boys and girls, starting the second week of my vacation? You’d be absolutely right!

My two week long, Grand Canyon Raft Trip vacation. That we’ve been waiting over 20 years for (on this permit). That my name is on the permit, so I have to be there, or the trip is a no go.
Tomorrow, I try to do what I can to move the jurty duty summons to another date. Even a week later would (just barely) be ok.
My hesitations and concerns about this trip continue to build. Particuarly now that I’ve ordered (and should receive tomorrow) a new HD camcorder and water proof case to record the entire trip in beauty that is HD. Come on folks, give me your best guess of the next thing to be unpredictably screwy to occur!

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  1. Bob says:

    shouldn’t be a problem–I’m pretty sure you can postpone it at least once…I’m pretty sure I postponed my summons twice before being obliged to show up.

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