Life Updates

Hmm… I haven’t posted much of what has been going on lately.

Last Saturday, I was up by Baker for the Challenger Cup. Photos will come later on… I’ve got a DVD made for the SGPD, about 35 minutes long. I’ll get a few clips from that up here too, once I have the DVD’s mass produced.

My truck is back, sort of. Big 4 Transmission solved the majority of the shaking problem, the drive shaft between the engine and the transmission had to be adjusted. It’s being smogged today, and then tomorrow, I take care of all the registration information.

Naeem roped me into a fantasy baseball league. So far so good, but it’s a little too addictive to watch the live updates, pitch by pitch.

We got our Grand Canyon raft trip confirmed! We snagged a cancelation spot, for June 18th. So I’ll be gone from Saturday the 17th, to about July 2 or 3. Should be fun, and I’m sure the world will change greatly while I’m out of communication range.

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