How many players can the Dodgers hurt tonight?

Kent- hit by pitch on the arm
Saenz- landed wrong on a play
Loney- Saenz’s replacement snags a line drive, and lands on an elbow… still in the game, but it’s close.

That’s just tonight.

The new star first baseman, hurts himself on opening day, before the game started.

At least my fantasy baseball team isn’t doing too bad for the little bit of work I put into it.

[update 10pm] Shortstop Furcal is injured getting the 3rd out to end the top of the 8th. He was hopping pretty bad coming off the field. And there is disagreement over the run that might of scored during the force out made by Furcal, if it counts or not. The scoreboard shows 9, the home plate umpire said it should be 10.

[update 2] The 10th run is now removed, correctly…. so the score is only 9 to 8 Atlanta, bottom of the 8th

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