PDs release kids from Schools

Coppermine Photo Gallery – Huntington Park High School Walk OUt

Here’s some photos I took this afternoon when school let out at South Gate Middle School. Police from various local departments, including Bell Gardens, Maywood•Cudahay and Huntington Park, in addition to South Gate PD, were at the school, releasing children to go home. After they finished, they raced, sirens blaring, down to the next local school. My suspicion is that the PD’s were acting in a coordinated fashion, ensuring proper traffic flow around the schools, rather than preventing another walk out.

The walk out events were quite a bit more extensive than I had first heard, stretching across several schools in the area. Everything I saw was peaceful, but damn, what a waste of police resources and major traffic disruptions. The outside groups that helped organize the students need to understand that there is a proper way to request redress of issues, and having an unlicensed march that disrupts day to day traffic in an unplanned fashion is not acceptable.

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