Vernon Shoo-Ins Shoo Outsiders

Vernon Shoo-Ins Shoo Outsiders – Los Angeles Times

I first heard rumors about this a few days ago. While the PR seems bad for the city officials in Vernon, as all they want to do is protect their fiefdom, that does not mean that the people trying to get elected are good either. This only begins to be stated on page 2 though.

I think the way Vernon’s administrators are handling this issue is going to backfire on them. Having one PI arrested for threatening use of a gun is exactly the tactics will use to sway public opinion against Vernon. Not to mention illegal.

I think that Vernon’s people are walking into a trap set for them. They’ve been antagonized on purpose, and are reacting according to plan I bet.

A question that arises though, if some of the people involved are related to Albert Robles’s take over of South Gate a few years ago (and there is no question about this), is this being orchestrated by Robles? Have some of these people (Cris Summers in particular) decided to act out on their own, emulating Robles? Or is there a previously unsuspected party actually pulling the strings? My guess is the third option ( I have no proof of that, just speculation). Robles is hopefully too busy trying to keep himself out of jail to be behind any of this. I don’t rule out these people acting on their own, however Cris Summers has been involved in a few other things that have not made the papers recently.

When the LA Sheriff’s seized the land rented to a nursery ( that Robles had been instrumental in giving a sweetheart deal to years earlier) for non payment of rent, Summers came out of the office and said she was the manager.

Other notes regarding the City of Vernon. At least one person in every household who lives in the zoned residential areas is an employee of the city. They haven’t had an election since 1980. The city has lots of money from sales and property tax revenues and little to spend it on in relation to other cities. Wikipedia on Vernon

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  1. Bob says:

    I credit this post with making me conscious of a small town named Vernon. population 91! that’s wild for these parts. I can’t really comment on the political aspect of it though, except that mayor being related to the founder coinciding with lack of elections (the evictions intended to keep it that way, I suppose) is highly suspicious.

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