Whale Watching Trip [updated]

Ok, so the whale watching trip is a go for Saturday, February 11th. 10 am, down in Long Beach. 10 dollars a head. I shall do my best to provide the whales and good weather, but no guarantees in life.

If you didn’t get my email, I’m sorry I either forgot your address, or it didn’t go through. Ed at Carpenter! Your email got bounced back to me. I told you on the phone you’re invited, so do show up!

If you’d like to go, and you didn’t get a note, please drop me a line here, and I’ll give you contact info. I want a good head count if possible.

In addition to many of my friends and coworkers over the years, the Boy Scout Troop I’m affiliated with will be going as well.

Certainly in:
Harry and 9 others
Samantha and Jeremy
Don & Patricia V
Chris C. and friend
Jessica and friend
Jeanie+3 others

Probably in:
Thinking about it:
Andy D.
Dave McW.
Ed R.

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  1. Bob says:

    I regret to inform that I’m back off the tour. I’m signing on (I hope) to a trip to China this summer teaching English, have to keep Saturday open for the meeting.

    hope y’all see a whale of a whale

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