phone calls

Had a good long phone call yesterday evening with Spencer from Carpenter. He started there before I did, and is still there. He’s actually in my old job, running the bedding department. He’s really feeling it now, and while I feel for him, it can only last as long as he wants it to last. But I’m sure he’ll learn soon enough.

He did tell me, indirectly, that other Carpenter people are reading this. How did I figure that out? He told me a few things that I had not (or at least, do not think I did) tell or email to anyone from Carpenter. I don’t mind, in fact I welcome the opportunity to stay in touch. I just wish you guys would leave a comment every now and then!

Then I called up my good friend Mark. But he was on the east coast, and I woke him up from deep sleep. I do feel sorry about that!

Tonight, after I deal with a trucking company screw up (long story made short: I’m pissed at their screw up, and I’m staying late for when they come around again), I’m heading down to Helen’s birthday party for Katie. I won’t stay too late, but I will pop my head in the door and say hi.

Tomorrow, I have a 5 mile round trip hike to Dawn Mine with the Scout Troop, have lunch up there, then come back down.

Also on the weekend to do list:
1) See if a rat was caught in a trap
2) Install keyboard holder under my mom’s desk
3) Fix mom’s modem
4) Check up on the boat
5) Finish up loading pics to my photogallery

We’ll see how good I am at that!

Let me just end with saying hi to all my old coworkers at Carpenter and RSI!

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4 Responses to phone calls

  1. Helen says:

    No mention of the hot party at our place? For shame!

  2. Bill says:

    Look at paragraph 4…

  3. Helen says:

    I swear that wasn’t there when I read it the first time…you and your tricks 😉

  4. Bill says:

    While I may be known for that at some point in the past and the future, that was not the case this time.

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