Sozzled elks hound old folks home

Drunk elk attack elderly couple’s house in Sweden. We now need to ban fermented old apples, to save us from this drunk elk menance!

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3 Responses to Sozzled elks hound old folks home

  1. Bob says:

    Were I an elk, I think I’d indulge in fermented apples, too. Hell I’d eat a fermented apple right now tell you what.

    I don’t know how closely related they are, they are both furry quadripeds with antler-type things, but I’ve been told Reindeer enjoy eating Amanita Muscaria mushrooms, highly psychoactive.

    Hell I’d…

  2. antonio says:

    where are these fermented apples and how soon can i have them?
    i would like one bushel please now.

    i read that the story of santa clause may have been influenced by the effect of those mushrooms, what with the reindeer being able to fly and everything. even santa’s red and white suit coordinate with the color of the muscaria, but i also heard that some coca cola artist came up with that outfit. ho ho hooooo!

  3. Bill says:

    What can I say, go to Sweden. If it was dark most of the winter, I think you’d want some of those apples too.

    Of course, once they freeze, you may have other issues. Unless fermented apples are good frozen, then thawed?

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