Mickey Hatcher school of baserunning

I just want to say I love the Mickey Hatcher school of baserunning, and how it teaches runners to slide into first base. I am not, and probably never will be an Angels fan, but I can root for the California team over the New York team, or even anybody outside of California.

I can hope for a Anaheim/San Diego world series, or if I want to annoy more people, the Chicago White Sox vs Houston would be a good match up too. To have the White Sox win the World Series before the Cubs would be near gold…..

I really hope this post doesn’t jinx any of those teams I mentioned.

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  1. Naeem Chaudhry says:

    If you want to anger the Cubs fans more, White Sox/Cardinals is a fun one to root for. The Cubs/Cards rivalry is probably the #3 rivalry (not counting interleague ones) in baseball (behind Yanksawx and Dodgers/Giants). Ideally, I want a White Sox/Houston world series, but above all else, I’d like to see both the Yankees and the Red Sox knocked out of the first round of playoffs, so that we’re all spared the drama of that rivalry (either them facing each other, or of one team being able to say they made it further than the other).

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