talking people into helping

I was talking to Steve today, in the late morning. Turns out, he was about to leave for the Western Sierra to hike over to Mammoth, to be in Mammoth over Labor Day.

But he didn’t have a ride.

Fortunately, he wasn’t asking if I could take him up today (6 hours one way). But he did want to know if I knew anyone who could give him a ride up there. My first pick was a no, but Naeem was able to do it. So, probably, right now Naeem is just starting his way back. Unless something went wrong. He did tell me he picked up Alvaro to keep him awake on the ride back….

And nothing ever goes wrong when Naeem and Alvaro are involved. And none of Steve’s trips have ever had problems.

Hopefully, none of the parties involved is going to try to kill me when they return for this.

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