13 things that do not make sense – Features

New Scientist 13 things that do not make sense – Features

This is an interesting article. I love the fact that we don’t understand everything in the universe. We’d be pretty bored if we did. I think that some of these may be around for centuries, or more hopefully, problems created by solving these will be.

Honestly… I want this all to lead to faster than light travel. It’s an act of faith on my part. I have a few simple beliefs. One, if there is a creator, and he is essentially good(maybe not all good, but more so than not caring or evil), that there is then to escape the curse of light speed. I believe that other life can develop throughout the universe. If we’re lucky, we’ll meet them in an intelligent part of their evolution, not as fish in the sea or post-physical, energy beings. If that can exist at least. I have to believe that there is away to *easily* meet other species, and talk. The hard part is just getting there.

That, and I believe there is a way to escape the heat death of the universe, either from contraction or expansion. Some way to leave the boundaries of the universe, and I don’t mean an afterlife. Even at my most optimistic though, I don’t see that being found for a long time to come. Several million years at the earliest, maybe a few epochs.

But those are acts of faith, will no real facts to support them. Just an irrational belief in a better tomorrow.

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