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Caltechgirl asked for some volunteers to answer questions, all in a bid to help drive up each other’s hits. And for fun too! Here are her questions for me. Since comments on her site are not working at the moment, and to help drive you, my view at home audience to her site, I shall answer them here. But you get to look for the questions on her site!

1) How about mountains in the ocean? At the end of the day though… I’ll take the ocean. More consistent weather, less work usually for me to do. And…. well too many other sometimes tangible, sometimes intangible benefits.

2) a) Probably Gibson’s homerun in game 1 of the 1988 world series
b) Probably Fernando’s no hitter. I forget which year. I was young, lots of jumping up and down. The other no hitter’s I’ve seen since then (Martinez of the Expos against the Dodgers for instance) were good, but not as exciting.
b)i) I did miss out on an inside the park home run, because Piggy was late when we were going to pick him up. I had to listen to it happen as we were in the parking lot, and we were all wondering what happened. And no, I’m not going to let him live that down.
b)ii) All of last season, on the field was great. Some of the off the field stuff sucked big time…. but the season had such a great energy, that I’d never felt at games over that long a period.
c) Vin Scully. Sure he doesn’t wear a uniform, but he is Dodger baseball

3) She named herself as annoying when she found my blog, and the title has stuck. But not as strongly as it could.

4) Tie between Big Wednesday and The Endless Summer. These were the traditional, alternating end of summer movie down on Balboa Island for many years. Movies in the summer was a 33 year long tradition by Larry Capune. He passed away last May, and while the movies have gone on, it’s not the same. Sitting down in the street, watching a 16mm film shown on a 16×12 screen…. doesn’t compare to a projector playing a dvd on the same screen. Also, Larry was probably the inspiration for the lifeguard character in Big Wednesday. or at least, he told me he was…..

5) Repeatable stupidity. Making the same mistake, over and over again, when you should know better.

And then me having to go and clean up the mess involved afterwards.

Now that that is done, I shall soon look for victims of my own to ask questions of….

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