September Beach BBQ and sailing

Well, they say summer is over, but I don’t agree. To prove myself correct, I have decided to do another sailing and BBQ event this month. Here are the details. Post below to say if you’re in or out…. and who all is coming with you.

When: Saturday, September 25, from 11am till dusk. After the sun sets, we should be too beat to be up to much of anything.
Where: My family’s place on Little Balboa Island, on Abalone Street.
Who: Yourself, my friend, and anyone you want to bring along. Just let me know how many.
What to do: I have a kayak, rowboat and two sailboats down there right now. General game plan is like what we did in May, go out sailing, have a burger and a drink, go sailing again.

So bring your swimsuit, a towel, a good attitude and any alcohol you want. I’ll provide food and soda, and the equipment. I’m working on arranging sunshine, and strong winds.

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10 Responses to September Beach BBQ and sailing

  1. Amanda says:

    Did you send that e-mail to me just to torture me?
    I’m stuck here in OK dreaming of the beach every night.
    If they throw me out of here before then you can count me in.

  2. Bill says:

    sure, i’m an evil evil person

    But you knew this already.

  3. Laura Wetzel says:

    Hey Bill,
    You might want to check that date. That Saturday is the big RSI family picnic. Free food, free prizes, games . . . . They
    sent out invitations about a week before you started. Just wanted to let you know. Last year Mark and I won an ice cream


  4. Bill says:

    i know. but for certain people i know this is the only one that works out. so i made the choice. might hurt me in the future, but so be it.

  5. Andy says:

    Well, my trip to Wisconsin has been canceled due to complications, so I’m suddenly free. Count me in!

  6. young tung says:

    Yeah, that sounds like fun, im up for anything. This time I make sure to bring some better sunblock, I’s still peeling from catalina.
    So u only gonna use chapstick eh? You gonna need more than one stick to cover your whole body, so buy half a dozen to cover yourself up.

  7. Bill says:

    Jessica S. is in, as is her boyfriend and possibly her roommate.

  8. antonio says:

    hells yeah!
    count me in. and some guests…and booze.

    by the way, Laura – no offense, but i don’t think the chance of “winning free ice cream” does anything to disuade the amount of fun to be had here. if you like, i will personally buy you some ice cream if you ditch that boring company picnic nonsense.

  9. Tony says:

    Dude, I will be there. It’s gonna be fun, the sailing ocean breeze…..ahh, oh and, “hhmmmmm……beer”

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