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Had good and bad movie news today. AICN posted info on Matt and Trey (of South Park fame) next flick, called “Team America” a satire with puppets! Puppets fighting terrorism. You can’t get funnier than that.

Sadly, Jack Black is trying. He’s going to star in WB’s “Green Lantern” which is being billed as a “zany comedy version a la THE MASK”. Bad WB. Bad. Why is it, that Marvel comics, which I do not enjoy that much get so much better movie treatment than DC’s? The only good DC movie was “Superman”. Yes, Batman was nice, but didn’t hit the right buttons for the character.

One of the greatest ideas and franchise possibilities to be thrown away for star recognition.

You don’t know what a GL is? Think endless possibilities. Random persons given a ring that can do anything. Only limitations is a weakness (either to the color yellow or to wood) and the imagination and willpower of the ring bearer. And the best part? Not just one of these, but a whole Corps of Green Lanterns throughout the universe. Something set in the back drop of the DC universe, with just name dropping (Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, etc). I can see wacky and zany with a GL. But as a side character. Not the main lead….


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