Melissa Grad party

Had fun at Melissa’s grad party. Saw people. Saw people drink. Saw people do stupid things while drunk. Course me, I never do any of that, save watch. So there I am.

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7 Responses to Melissa Grad party

  1. antonio says:

    Tells us about your singing, Bill

  2. Bill says:

    How about your singing? You’re the one who scored a 0 then a 91…. Go Antony!

  3. antonio says:

    Well, I needed some guidance from the master, one Bill De Witt,
    who took home the highest score of the night: an impressive 95
    singing “You Don’t Love me anymore”

  4. Bill says:

    I don’t have any pics of your singing…. Dave sent me some that he says is of me, but I think they are heavily doctored.

  5. David R says:

    hrmm.. didnt seem to like html format.. lets try this. just copy n paste!

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