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My friend Amanda is in the Air National Guard, learning to fly in Oklahoma. Here’s some links to the pics she’s posted over time.

Pics of her trip to OK

Here’s a few pictures from the trip. Several are from Petco park in San Diego. We had a great time there. Also are a few from Bank One Ballpark in AZ. We swung by meteor crater on the long drive through the desert. We were lured in by highway signs.

The first batch of pilot training pics
Sorry for another mass e-mailing. I’ve survived the first three days. We are doing physiology classes and emergency egress. The photos are from the parachute tower. We get dropped down to practice our landing fall and also to practice how to deal with tangled lines and so forth. No photos of me in there but you get the idea. We also practiced ground emergency egress with a mock T-37 and also mock ejection. The seat didn’t fire us out but the charge blew the seatbelt and and the seat popped up. It was enough to give us an idea of how to get out of the plane.
Next week we parasail and do the altitude chamber. I’m looking forward to both. I’m getting paid for this!! I love this country.
Take care all.

Learning how to Parasail

This was a blast. We got three rides. They took us up to over 300 feet and let us go. It was a beautiful day. There were jets in formation flying to my right and others landing. I wish I could have taken my camera up with me. You could see forever and the sky was a rich blue with little puffy clouds. The landings were pretty soft. My plf rolls were decent so I went down nicely.
Let me know if you can’t get all the pics. I know on the last batch I sent out only one picture was there. Tomorrow we do a live fire ejection seat (which isn’t as cool as it sounds, it only pops us up a few feet). It should make for a few cool pictures though. Let me know if oyu want me to stop sending these to you.

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