Beach BBQ and Sailing Information

Beach BBQ and Sailing info:
When: Sunday, May 23rd, 11am till dusk. Show up as you please, and enjoy!
What: BBQ, sailing, miscellaneous beach actives. Bring clothing to go in the water with, sun screen, and a good attitude. My main thought is a constant amount of food cooking, with people going out sailing all throughout the day. Cameras are fun to have, but may not be the greatest idea on the water. But from shore, they work very well with a good zoom lens

Who: Yourself, and guests within reason. I need a head count by Saturday morning to purchased enough food and drink. If you don’t RSVP, still show up, but there may not be enough for you. Feel free to bring a guest or two, just let me know.
People who are yeses so far:
Andy D, Antony V, David R, Michelle T, Stella S, Amanda H, Ed H
We need more people!

How to reply: either by email or by posting a comment on this blog entry.

I hope to see you all there!

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5 Responses to Beach BBQ and Sailing Information

  1. Dave McWilliam says:

    Count me in. See you Sunday.

  2. Naeem Chaudhry says:

    I’m interested in such an outing. I’ll likely show up about 1-2, since I’ll be recovering from a party the night before. I’ll get a hold of the usual suspects and see who else is in.

  3. Dave McWilliam says:

    I’m afraid I must retract my previous statement. I’ve been informed of a family obligation, the avoiding of which might result in a serious skull cracking. Any chance this might become a semi-regular summer event?

  4. Bill says:

    Dave, I’m thinking of maybe another one in June, then probably end of August or September. Middle of the summer is a bit busy there. Though, maybe a bonfire at Bolsa Chica would be a go.

    Like many other things, it’s play it by ear.

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