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Well, that’s it. My life in the dorms of Cal Poly is over. Just took my last final, and I check out tomorrow.
Before I do, one crazy young freshman wants to pull a prank on me. Everyone has told her not to, but she is insistent in attempting it seems. Though she seems to rely too much on my roommate being here to allow her to access my room. Foolish woman. Assuming she gets to do something, I shall exact a payment that is above and beyond the call of duty.
Got both my Political Science midterm and term paper back today during the final. He gave my totally incoherent paper on Mark Twain an A, with “No Complaints Here”. hah. I’m thinking of posting it to allow everyone to see how bad it is. My midterm wasn’t so great. but he graded it right. Now my quiz and final grades are all good, so I have no worries about my grade in there at all. Not that I cared much, I just wanted the GE to be finished.
I’ve had a few personal issues going on, relating to health of family members. Certain issues…. that will be resolved, finally, relatively soon I think. And perhaps hope. I’m uncertain on my emotions on that point. But one way or another, things are moving in that regard
I start at the Carpenter Company on Wednesday, I gave myself two days off. Don’t know what I’m going to do, hopefully go out hiking or something else in the out doors

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