Housing Search and Graudation

10:35 pm June 7, 2003

I’ve had a few things going on lately. Only one final to take next week, and one presentation/demonstration. Passed out of my other two finals to take. So I shall soon be among the graduated, and then the working. I’m looking for apartments now, I’m thinking in the Corona area. It’s a bit closer to the beach and certain important things in my life, but more expensive than other areas in the Inland Empire.

Went to Professor Girouard’s graduation party for the 2003 IME class. You can see pics of it here. It was fun, though I made a point to leave before Stella and Melissa could give me a gift. Not that I don’t apprechiate the sentiment, but I’d rather not get anything. Just a funny thing about me. I take lots of pictures, but don’t want mine taken; I don’t want any gifts either. Partly because I never come up with anything to give anybody, partly because I’m forgetful, and partly because I don’t to feel like I owe anyone.

We got our senior project turned in. I’ll have a copy of the report, and the power point up on the web at some point. The PDF file of the report is 22 megs, due to the nice pictures we included. A web version will need to be smaller, so I will sometime get around to editing the pictures smaller.

Got the Mark Twain paper done and turned in. Nothing special, not my greatest work at all. I didn’t care, wrote it in 2 hours of real typing or less, then I went back to that Senior Porject.

I’ve had a few other things going on in my life, that I don’t want to post about right now. I may at some point in the future, but I can say that they have been the big priorities in my life the past two days.

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