Job Interivew

It’s been a good day so far. Had a 2.5 hour job interview with the Carpenter Company. Started about 8:30 and ended at 11:00. So yes, I skipped class that started at 10. It’s a good thing I moved up this interview, they wanted to do it at 10 am to begin with.
Went in, filled out a job application, spoke with the HR guy again. The spoke for a bit with the plant manager. Went very well I think. Waited a bit, then the division manager, the head guy for this plant, spoke with me for a bit. Then back to the HR guy for a plant tour then an oral swab drug test. When the drug test comes back as we all know it will, they’ll get in touch with me and let me know. I think I’m close to a shoe in though. But let’s not be optimistic and get my hopes up.
Haven’t heard anything back from R.H. Peterson yet. I hope to by Thursday though. If not, oh well.
Location wise, I prefer Peterson, though Carpenter seems more like the work I’d like to get started with, direct supervision with rapid promotion opportunities. Peterson seems a bit more of grunt intern style work, making time studies, with the possibility of either working myself out of a job, or being promoted. Downside to promotion in Carpenter though, is that it may be somewhere across the country.
No point getting too excited till I hear back from either one.

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