Birthday items

Yesterday was my birthday. Not much. Ho hum. I don’t really care.
Why don’t I care?
The people who I would want to care, they didn’t mention anything, and I knew they wouldn’t. Those who I take time and effort to remember for, do not do the same for me. Even had one call me up yesterday to ask me to a Memorial Day event. But nary a word about my birthday.
Those people who I don’t care, or would prefer not to say anything about, some of them did mention it. Guess my priorities may be screwed up in regards to certain people.
Or maybe the people who I know well enough to want them to mention something, know me well enough that I don’t like anything made of it also.
I had had some expectations that a certain person or two who had asked for the date would of called or emailed, but no. Guess it slipped the mind.
Ok, enough pity there. Time for the loot.
A pan of grandmother made fudge, a new Balboa Island T-Shirt, some money. All good stuff.
I was supposed to get a new drivers license by now in the mail. Hasn’t happened. So if I get pulled over, I will have to state that I am just waiting for it in the mail, and hope that when they check the computer, it shows up right. I know the check was chased a few weeks ago, so it’s up to the postal service now.
I’ll see if I can use this fudge as a 3rd floor magnet here in the dorms. Attract all those women up here. Hasn’t worked yet, but somebody told me to be an optimist. So I will try the same thing again, and expect a different result. Who knew optimism was the same as insanity?

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