Mammoth and Shooting Trip

Got off to a late start. Fueled then got on the road to Mammoth. Got 5 miles, realized I left my ski boots in my dorm room. Got back there about 11am, my roommate was still asleep. Picked those up, then got on the road here. Good thing I didn’t leave straight from the shooting trip yesterday, or I’d be using duct tape to hold my feet on. I’ll be skiing tomorrow. Right now, I’m uploading the 15 megs of pictures, it’s taken 2 hours or so. Hope everyone enjoys those.

Had a fire going here…. had a bit too much tree bark too close to the fireplace door. Got the cast iron door red hot. Put a 4×4 up against it, and it got fire…. The fire has cooled down a bit now. Unfortuantly, I didn’t get a picture. Such is life sadly.

Tomorrow will be a good day, I’m sure. Up early for skiing, then kick back and relax in the afternoon and evening.


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