Snowboards and Mammoth

I am sitting here at home, after a long night of working on my snowboard project. There’s a cat on the clawing and chewing on something. Hopefully a rat or a bird. But it’s annoying to hear it up there…..
We finished another snowboard. Our core material was a little thin in the Y direction, so the edges bend up a little bit. But the veneer covers we have on look really good.
I’m going up to Mammoth after the IIE shooting event later today. I should be in Mammoth around 9 or 10 pm tonight. Then skiing tomorrow, pictures and video of snowboards on Sunday, then more skiing on Monday.
I’ve asked several people besides Young if they want to come along, all have said no. Not intersted, too much time, other plans etc. Oh well. Just for that, I will find some women skiing in summer clothing, and have several good pics to pass around. But any stories I tell about the pictures will surely be fabricated.
Oh well. If I really wanted to, I’m sure I could get out, do the night life scene at Mammoth. But I don’t do that elsewhere, so I probably won’t up there. But people who don’t know me well won’t believe that, and those who do know me very well won’t believe me if some massive stroke of *good luck* just falls into my lap. So place your bets, comment back, and here we go!
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