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I did the job interview with the HR guy at R.H. Peterson. They had 300 resumes submitted via monster over the past few months. I was the first they interviewed, mainly because my brother knows the son of one of the VP’s quite well. It may not be who you know that gets you the job, but at least it got my foot in the door. They’ll let me know by next week about any thing. Here’s hoping. It also didn’t hurt that the main manufacturing guy there worked with one of my professors 30 years ago, and got back in touch with him from my letter of recommendation.
I was told they were looking for an hourly position, with lots of overtime available and possibly required. Low pay to start, with the promise of more and benefits once I prove myself.
I have an interview tomorrow with the Carpenter company, we shall see what they say. I imagine something similar in regards to salary and benefits.
It’s late enough now, and I have class in the morning. Joy oh joy, Deutsch ist gut! I’m going to take of early though, and skip most of my afternoon class to work on my senior project, and build some snowboards! woohoo! Snow this weekend in Mammoth I hope.

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