Beth’s Graudation

Ah, a frequent updating of a personal website. A true rarity, so appreciate it while it lasts.
Beth’s graduation went well. I arrived on time, which means it was standing room only in a crowded basketball gym. So I left, had breakfast and came back. Just missed her walking and getting the diploma by 5 minutes when I came back. But I was so far back each time, it would of made no difference, I didn’t have a 10 power zoom lens on me. But I did get several good pics of her afterwards, when she came out, and with various family and friends.
I then met up with her and her father, plus some older high school friends at Norms in Downey for an early dinner. I have some pics of that, but those will wait to be posted until tomorrow
All this graduation work isn’t making me apprehensive yet. I’d be just as happy not going to mine. But certain people have made it clear they would like to see the end result of the investment over the past several years. So I will be going to mine. I don’t want to say to anyone “Don’t show up!” But I will be perfectly happy if nobody did, so I can just leave afterwards. Mine will start at 8pm, so that means nobody can do a meet and greet with me until 10pm anyway. Far too late for such an activity.
I have more important things to worry about in the near future. Figuring out the project for MFE 476, Computer Integrated Manufacturing. I thought I had the robot fully integrated wtih the PLPLC (ProgramableC(Programable Logic Controller), but it didn’t work out as planned. Back to the drawing board, soldering iron and wires. We already scaled back from one of our desired aspects, integrating the PLC with the CNC Fadal Milling machine. Completely wrong voltages involved. So we will have a student, or maybe a mid level monkey press the go button on the Fadal at the right time.
It’s late enough today, tomorrow I must spend several hours on my snowboard project. Young is up in Portland for the IIE national conference, so I get to do all the prep work myself. Such is life.

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