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Wild Horses couldn’t keep me away

I have no problem driving long distances or hours with few to no stops. Most people know this, and are confused by it to some degree. Last Thursday for instance, was 860 miles. Up to the Amargosa, across to Mammoth, … Continue reading

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Prepping for Lake Powell

We’re planning on going out to Lake Powell at the end of next week. So far, we’ve got the boat back together, with the fuel tank repaired and back in the boat. We had the Wellcraft down to Long Beach … Continue reading

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It’s snowing!

Well, it’s not snowing here, but it’ll be raining soon. My annoying cousin, who is up in Mammoth at the moment says it’s snowing lightly, with not much wind, but they had a fresh foot overnight. I’d like to go up … Continue reading

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Chased by wind and rain

In leaving Corvallis on last Tuesday, I had originally planned to drive straight back to Los Angeles. However, with a winter storm approaching, and a late start behind me, I decided to add another day to my trip, and hop … Continue reading

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Drizzle, driving and pizza.

After helping Andy move north last weekend, I visited two sets of cousins, one in Washington and the other in Oregon. I had never visited either of them at home before, as they had always been generous to drive south … Continue reading

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Aurigid Meteor shower

First picture of the Aurigid meteor shower, a whole day early! Chumack1_lab.jpg 800×600 pixels I’m heading out to the desert early this upcoming morning, and will be back in town around 7 am I think. Early to bed, early to rise…..  [update 8:10pm]Saw many … Continue reading

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