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I need to post more

Items on my agenda to post in the future (and may not get around to): 1) Spot: Satellite Personal Tracker (currently on loan out) you can track my location with the widget on this page! 2) iLife09- Apple’s new software, … Continue reading

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Testing Testing, WordPress to Facebook: Wordbook!

I’m testing the connectivity of a WordPress to Facebook application.

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Software annoyancs

Nothing too important, but I wanted to vent a touch about certain software annoyances that have impacted me lately. WordPress Blog software and Safari: Why can’t these two applications play nice in the Post writing dialog box? Safari keeps removing … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes stuff

I’ve been doing some behind the scenes stuff on this website, and hopefully people will take advantage of it.The first big one is that I added an RSS feed to my gallery. You can access the gallery via this feed. Unfortunately, it adds each … Continue reading

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iPhone it in

In addition to recently upgrading to WordPress 2.3, I installed a new plugin called iWPhone. Hopefully, this will make reading this blog easier for people with iPhones. Now if only I had something people with iPhones wanted to read!

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