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Mammoth Pics

I’m back from Mammoth, all set to go back to work tomorrow. It was a good trip, though they need more snow. That’s scheduled to arrive starting on Thursday, with an estimated 5 to 10 feet arriving between then and … Continue reading

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Mammoth Sunset

I’m up in Mammoth now. On the drive up, I got see a great sunset behind the Sierras

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Birthday Cruising

My father’s birthday was earlier in the month. However, my mom’s sister was in town last week, so we held a large birthday party last Friday. A few years ago, we had a surprise boat cruise birthday party for my … Continue reading

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Chased by wind and rain

In leaving Corvallis on last Tuesday, I had originally planned to drive straight back to Los Angeles. However, with a winter storm approaching, and a late start behind me, I decided to add another day to my trip, and hop … Continue reading

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A Dodger Sunset

Well, the Dodgers just keep imploding. Earlier in the week, Jeff Kent refused to point fingers, but found that many things had gone wrong. The next day, rookie James Loney asked “Who said he was a leader?” Well, with less … Continue reading

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300 fps CMOS based camera

Casio is developing a 300 fps CMOS based camera. 300 frames per second in VGA/ TV size quantities, and 30fps at 6 MP!  Not for sale yet, just in the development/show off stage, but wow.  Talk about blowing away current … Continue reading

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Focal Length Comparison

It was recently pointed out to me that Tamron has a Focal Length Comparison webpage. It shows you a picture, then you adjust the focal length to see what size zoom lens you’d need to have. Pretty nifty trick, and it … Continue reading

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Lunar Eclipse Photos

A week ago, I went up on the Angeles Crest Highway to look at the Lunar Eclipse. Unlike the recent meteor shower, I was able to get some decent pictures!

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Aurigid Meteor shower

First picture of the Aurigid meteor shower, a whole day early! Chumack1_lab.jpg 800×600 pixels I’m heading out to the desert early this upcoming morning, and will be back in town around 7 am I think. Early to bed, early to rise…..  [update 8:10pm]Saw many … Continue reading

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Urban Wildlife

Riding my bike out by the LA River the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a few birds roaming around. I haven’t seen them every time, but yesterday, I went back with my camera and found the birds. On my bike … Continue reading

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