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Waterfall at Clear Creek, Grand Canyon National Park

    The more I look at this photo, the more pleased I am. There are a few faults, stemming from this being a handheld shot, but all in all, I like it.

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Canon EOS 50D

One year ago, I bought my current camera, a Canon 40D. Today, it’s replacement is announced, the Canon EOS 50D Why is this a big deal? Because Canon bumped their schedule by 18 months. For the past few years the XXD line was … Continue reading

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Lake Powell Panoramas

  At Lake Powell, I decided to experiment with several panoramic photos. Here are a select few:     Wahweap Marina on the afternoon we arrived. A decent sized thunderstorm had just passed us by, leaving the rainbow in the middle … Continue reading

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More Sierra Photos

Just to clear the decks, other people have photos from the Sierra Trip. Professor Phil Rosenkrantz David Hodgeman Ladyhiker

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Shooting Photos

Last weekend, I had the Boy Scout Troop out camping near Baker, CA. The point of the trip was to shoot weaponry,and to try to kill a mountain. I think we partially failed, in that the mountain is still standing … Continue reading

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Birthday party pics

Well, I finally got the photos uploaded properly. The Annoying Cousin’s 21st birthday party dinner (a few days late), went off a bit behind schedule due to traffic, but it was a success.Not everyone in these pictures is family, nor do … Continue reading

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More skiing

Last Friday, I drove up to Mammoth. The entire state of California was in a lull between large storms, and Mammoth had received around a foot a day the past 3 days. Fortunately, the drive up was sunny, if a … Continue reading

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Sunnier Day in Mammoth

Skiing pictures from Mammoth Mountain Sunday, January 13. Continue reading

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Sunny day (and a half) in Mammoth

Mammoth this weekend was cloudy with a light dusting of snow (about 2 minutes worth) Saturday morning, then clearing up in the afternoon. Sunday had not a cloud in the sky, and you’d certainly want a lot of sun screen! … Continue reading

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Moon over the mountain

I like this photo of the moon over Mammoth Mountain, but I wish I had been able to bring the white of moon out more. It’d certainly be easier if the moon was fuller, but I didn’t get that chance. … Continue reading

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