Mice suspected in deadly cat fire

In very sad news, a Humane Society Animal Shelter burned down. The best part though, is the BBC News’ headline: Mice suspected in deadly cat firecar hire bulgariaмебели. How can you top that!


Can’t trust the mice at all… I wonder what the Mouse will do next?

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Disneyland fires Jack Sparrow

Disneyland fires Jack Sparrow


Ok, so it’s just for the theme park, and certainly not because of unruly female guests….


But I’m sure he’ll be back at some point!

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Auctions: What a waste of a Saturday.

As a general rule, I let others go to auctions. Most of what’s there isn’t actually needed, or can be viewed as a “it’d be nice to have” item. This probably qualifies in the second category, though because of one of the heavy “nice to have items”, a F-450 would be nicer to have. The biggest disappointment, is that while I guessed it would come up for auction at about 2pm, causing me to miss the first half of the USC/UCLA football game, it didn’t come up till 5:05 pm. Which means I missed the game, dinner and desert, from several different invitations. 

But we got it, for not a bad price. Drove it back to work last night, and finally called it a day at 9pm. Now there’s a box of See’s Candy in the back of my truck, waiting to go to who ever’s home I was going to watch the football game at yesterday…. maybe I’ll just have to keep it myself as a consolation prize.

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Huh? The ground outside is wet, and the radar map shows rain nearby. When did this happen? I didn’t think there was supposed to be any rain for a few more weeks.

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Hospitals and falls

Without going into too many details, what is it with many people falling and getting hurt recently? In the past 2 weeks, at least 5 people I know ( or friend of a friend sort of thing) have fallen or been injured in someway. None are connected or related, though none are young.


Is it just something about October and November? I used to think September was the jinxed month, but maybe it’s November this year… Of course, I’m one to talk, as I had a fall of my bike in September, and busted my shoulder up for a bit. But all of these are far more serious, so I won’t include my trouble in that category. 


So is it just random, or the natural order of relatively rare events happening in close proximity to each other?

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Civic Duty: Jury Duty

In addition to voting today, I’ve been selected for Jury Duty Wednesday morning, at the Compton Courthouse.


With any luck, it’ll be like last time. Sit there all day, read two books, watch two movies I’ve already seen, and get a bad practical joke run by the guy in charge: telling everyone they’ll be sequestered for a 4 defendant/jury mass murder. “There’s a bus downstairs to take everyone, the deputies will help you out.” Right as people hit the doors to get out, he says he’s joking.


Think that’ll happen again?

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Trusting the weatherman

So up to last night, the weather report said just a chance of rain on Sunday morning. Looking at the satallite radar image, I was pretty sure we’d get rain before then.


Guess what I woke up to? That’s right, rain!


Not a lot really, but enough to wet things down a bit. Good thing I changed out the windshield wipers yesterday.

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Cool Free Software tomorrow!

Codeweavers says cheap gas = free software tomorrow – The Unofficial Apple Weblog TUAW


Need to run a Windows program on your Mac, but don’t want to pay for Parallels or VMWare? Codeweavers is giving their version away for free, one day only! There are some catches, but why not go for it?

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Season is over, go home

I did my best to cheer on the Dodgers in their failed attempt at the National League Championship. I went to games 4 and 5 of the NLCS, and they lost both. Wednesday’s game 5 was a dramatic shut down, with 3 errors by Furcal in one inning! The game was lost by then, but it doesn’t do good things for the fans.


Still there were some decent photos to be found:

Think Blue

Think Blue!

Dodger Stadium Sunset



I’m very pleased with this sunset shot.



Throw Tommy Throw

Tommy Lasorda threw out the first, err second pitch. The girl in the center of the photo threw out the first pitch.



Dodger Stadium in Shadows



Dodger Stadium in shadows

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Wild Horses couldn’t keep me away

I have no problem driving long distances or hours with few to no stops. Most people know this, and are confused by it to some degree. Last Thursday for instance, was 860 miles. Up to the Amargosa, across to Mammoth, and back down to LA. In 24 hours, I had 4 hours of sleep, and 15 hours of driving. A little bit of time to grab some candy from the Candy Store in Beatty, walk around Mammoth, and get fuel twice. 

On the plus side, I did see a field on fire (a controlled burn to fertilize the fields)







Driving from Amargosa ( or Vegas for that matter) to Mammoth is a relatively simple matter. Boring, but simple. Head out on US 95 towards Reno, make a left at the now closed whorehouse, head towards Lida, go up Fish Lake Valley and take US 6 to Bishop. Or make a right at Benton, and go in the back way which I did. I passed all of 8 cars along the cut off from US 95 to US 6 in 2 hours. I was fortunate enough in Fish Lake Valley to see a few wild horses.





A horse in the brush is worth....

Yes, this one is edited to make the grass appear greener.





It was nothing approaching a great action shot, but certainly not bad photos. They were a few hundred feet from the road, and I parked on the far side of the road from them. They didn’t pay any attention to the truck when it was moving, but as soon as I stopped and got out, they looked up at me. Except for the horse busy eating. They kept an eye on me, and moved slightly away, but didn’t take off. If I had walked closer, I bet they would of.


After all that, the highlight of the remaining part of the trip was a half pound buffalo burger in Mammoth. But I didn’t see any wild buffalo on the trip, so you have to wonder if that was the right animal to be serving.

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