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More skiing

Last Friday, I drove up to Mammoth. The entire state of California was in a lull between large storms, and Mammoth had received around a foot a day the past 3 days. Fortunately, the drive up was sunny, if a … Continue reading

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It’s snowing!

Well, it’s not snowing here, but it’ll be raining soon. My annoying cousin, who is up in Mammoth at the moment says it’s snowing lightly, with not much wind, but they had a fresh foot overnight. I’d like to go up … Continue reading

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Sunny day (and a half) in Mammoth

Mammoth this weekend was cloudy with a light dusting of snow (about 2 minutes worth) Saturday morning, then clearing up in the afternoon. Sunday had not a cloud in the sky, and you’d certainly want a lot of sun screen! … Continue reading

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In Mammoth

Ed and I are up in Mammoth right now…. with a full day of skiing ahead of us tomorrow.

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Chased by wind and rain

In leaving Corvallis on last Tuesday, I had originally planned to drive straight back to Los Angeles. However, with a winter storm approaching, and a late start behind me, I decided to add another day to my trip, and hop … Continue reading

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Drizzle, driving and pizza.

After helping Andy move north last weekend, I visited two sets of cousins, one in Washington and the other in Oregon. I had never visited either of them at home before, as they had always been generous to drive south … Continue reading

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On the road again…..

My friend Andy has decided to move up to Portland. Can’t say that I understand why. It rains there, the sun doesn’t come out, and they still have earthquakes. Oh, and the occasional volcano near by. Not to mention, no … Continue reading

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Aurigid Meteor shower

First picture of the Aurigid meteor shower, a whole day early! Chumack1_lab.jpg 800×600 pixels I’m heading out to the desert early this upcoming morning, and will be back in town around 7 am I think. Early to bed, early to rise…..  [update 8:10pm]Saw many … Continue reading

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Maui High falls to California team in preseason game

The Los Angeles Unified School District thought it was a good idea to send a few high school students to Hawaii on vacation. The football team from the relatively new South East High School was sent over, and were invited to … Continue reading

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This past weekend, I went up to Mammoth. I decided to drive easy, and see how much I could milk my truck’s milage. From Mojave where I fueled, I got 18.8 mpg to Bishop ( about 180 miles), and 17.5 … Continue reading

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