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Birthday Cruising

My father’s birthday was earlier in the month. However, my mom’s sister was in town last week, so we held a large birthday party last Friday. A few years ago, we had a surprise boat cruise birthday party for my … Continue reading

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On the road again…..

My friend Andy has decided to move up to Portland. Can’t say that I understand why. It rains there, the sun doesn’t come out, and they still have earthquakes. Oh, and the occasional volcano near by. Not to mention, no … Continue reading

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Maui High falls to California team in preseason game

The Los Angeles Unified School District thought it was a good idea to send a few high school students to Hawaii on vacation. The football team from the relatively new South East High School was sent over, and were invited to … Continue reading

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The Da[i]ly City View

I’ve been meaning to mention it for a while (several months actually), but my friend Sarah has started a blog, The Da[i]ly City View. I’ve added her to the links on the side. There is a lot in there about … Continue reading

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Andy’s train and waterfall trip

warbonnetwillie’s Xanga Site – 5/24/2006 12:24:13 AM My good buddy Andy, from Cal Poly, took some time off to go north on the train, and visit the sights. I’m very impressed by those waterfalls….

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Jury Duty and Raft Trips

I got my jury duty delayed till after the raft trip! woo-hoo! Looks like my mom’s sister and one of her daughters will be coming on the raft trip… That’ll be a much different vacation than their summer in Rome … Continue reading

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Names that crop up over and over again

On phone calls, names that crop up, and being a superhero Continue reading

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Highly amused

I found something online tonight, something about someone I know, that I find highly amusing. Not that it is or isn’t true. Rather, just that it popped up randomly on a selection I was going through. Looking at the photo, … Continue reading

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Dane’s trip to Hawaii

My friend

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talking people into helping

I was talking to Steve today, in the late morning. Turns out, he was about to leave for the Western Sierra to hike over to Mammoth, to be in Mammoth over Labor Day. But he didn’t have a ride. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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